Digital University of Lifelong Edutainment
Intelligent people invest in their children
We respond to global challenges in education
Technologies change faster than educational programs are created and adapted. Teachers do not have enough practical experience, the studied cases quickly become outdated and irrelevant. Static educational content is dead
Training in the classic offline-only format is not efficient anymore. The old approaches and methods do not work in the new time
Highly specialized programs do not develop creative, systemic and critical thinking. Students lack a comprehensive approach to learning and development and interdisciplinary knowledge and skills based on their individual characteristics and aptitudes
"Forget everything you were taught, now you must learn again": switching between different levels of education meets gaps in the requirements for knowledge and skills
It is difficult to maintain attention and motivation to finish studying even when passing paid educational programs, especially for children and young people
Students and their parents do not understand how to build learning & development tracks in a wide range of educational, career and business opportunities
How do we do it?
We’ve developed a comprehensive approach to learning & development based on the principle of man-centric. We’ve combined knowledge, experience and technology and launched IU
1. Quality and relevance
We find and extract the best of the human knowledge in our areas of expertise as an RnD centers. We create and provide joint educational programs with world leading experts and organizations in business, science and education. We keep our educational content always relevant and ahead of the curve using our active knowledge management technologies for collecting, digitizing and transferring knowledge, approaching the speed of their creation
2. Blended learning by doing + STEAM centres around the globe
Learning by doing in blended online + offline groups and communities around the globe. Algorithmic training + group dynamics. We are creating a global network of centers for teaching children in Science, Tech, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. Students can try themselves in different fields of activity and determine their best way of learning & development
3. Complex and interdisciplinary learning tracks
We develop our students on different tracks based on their individualities and combine hard skills, soft skills and practice. Our students learn and develop as specialists and researchers; managers; entrepreneurs; consultants, teachers and popularizers
4. Lifelong learning & development
Our educational programs is based on the principles of continuity and succession. Our students learn & develop themselves in teams and individually through their life and career journeys: from childhood (pre-schools and schools) through young and middle age (colleges, universities and enterprises) to the master age
5. Education + Entertainment = Edutainment
Children and young people spend most of their time on mobile phones and tablets. Basically, they play there and consume entertainment content. We meet them in their usual space and provide useful edutainment content and programs in game formats and competitive mechanics
6. League of Talents
We organize and conduct events and competitions in the Global Learning & Development Space — League of Talents. Participants develop their hard and soft skills as in an RPG. They learn, communicate and develop to design their best life and career journey
We give a profit to our partners
Universities and Schools
We help to  create world-class competitive joint educational programs and promote it to the global market using on our skills and infrastructure
Experts, Authors and Knowledge carriers
We help to extract the knowledge, package it into educational products and promote it as stand-alone courses and trainings or as a part of complex educational programs of IU
We help to find and extract the most valuable corporate knowledge, minimize the risk of loss of tacit knowledge and provide the effective knowledge management and sharing for enterprises. In addition to improving corporate sustainability, this reduces costs and increases capitalization
Investors and Edutainment Producers
The global education market is $ 6−7 trillion a year and will grow to $ 10 trillion by 2030. More than $ 10 trillion is set aside by parents for children's higher education, and this money is redistributed to additional education, starting from school. We create educational products and promote them on the world market based on popular movies and TV series. We invite you to cooperate and jointly develop the educational market
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By combining our experience and knowledge, together we can create and promote the best educational programs in the World. We are very excited to make teachers, authors and experts the honoured and world-famous persons in edutainment, as it should be
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